it’s all fun and games to joke about checking privileges and it is a real thing to know about and be aware of and to understand how it works but if somebody legitimately tells you to check your privilege as a putdown or argumentative shutout then they are a fucking waste of time and are missing the point
  • black people: black pride!
  • native people: native pride!
  • latino people: latino pride!
  • gay people: gay pride!
  • white people: white pri- *stabbed and then burned alive*
  • wow this is the DUMBEST and most annoying thing I have ever read. when has a white person ever been stabbed and burned alive for just being white? never. all those groups, however, have been subject to violence and discrimination simply on the basis of them being gay or black or what have you. the reason these minority groups are so full of pride is because they have to fight back against this voice from the majority (usually white people) telling them that they're not good enough, that something is wrong with them, that they don't deserve equality or even life. some dumbass white person definitely wrote this and thought they were being clever and that they had a valid point but really they are just brainless and it's shit like this that makes me so embarrassed to be white thanks a lot asshole. and I can't believe how many notes it has ugh.
  • ed. note - i don't think there's anything else to say to this one